Easily start and scale your dropshipping business with the power of FForder.

How do I create a FForder account?
Click the registration button in the upper right corner to fill in the information registration, or search for FForder Dropshipping in the Shopify background app.
How do I handle my order?
After binding your Shopify store, contact customer service allocation business manager to make a fast offer for you and guide you to pay
Is the tracking number available for tracking?
Yes, the tracking number will be automatically synchronized to your platform after we ship the goods, and you can check the update of the track through the postal system
What is the processing time for an order?
We have two warehouses in China that can ship at the same time, usually the tracking number can be updated within 48 hours, at the same time, you can prepare the stock in our warehouse, then we can update the tracking number within 12 hours
What is the shipping time for the order?
We have strict requirements on the cooperating carriers, and select the best quality channels, and the popular countries can usually be delivered within 5-12 days
Can I customize my brand?
Yes, we provide customized solutions for cards and packaging, and we also have the authorization of more than 1,500 factories. We can also modify some products according to your needs
Can you provide after-sales service?
If there is any damage to the package or any defects in the product, please contact our customer or business manager, we will provide a refund or reissue
Can I stay on the Starter (free) plan forever?
Yes, you don't need to pay other fees during use, everything is free
High Volume Seller?
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