We are committed to providing you with convenient and beneficial financial services, such as wallets, cashback recommendations, and localized payments.

Personalized payment

Our system supports Brazilian payment methods, including those offered by banks, like Boleto Bancário and PIX, and payment providers, such as PagSeguro and Mercado Pago. We aim to provide a payment environment tailored to Brazilian customers’ preferences for smooth transactions.

Alliance cooperation and commission

1.Share Your Invitation Link

In this step, you can invite your friends to join our referral program by sending them the invitation link. The invitation link will lead them to our platform where they can place orders and enjoy our premium services and low-priced products.

2.Successful Order from Your Friend

When your friend uses your invitation link to place an order on our platform and successfully completes the transaction, their order will be recorded. This means that your friend becomes our customer and the order has been successfully fulfilled.

3.Earn Commission Rewards

 As part of our referral program, when your friend’s order is successfully placed, you will earn a corresponding commission reward. This is a reward for referring and introducing new customers, while your friend benefits from our premium services and low-priced products through our platform.

4.Redeem Commission for Purchases

You can use the commission you earn through the referral program to offset your shopping expenses. During checkout, you have the option to apply the commission towards partial or full payment of your order, allowing you to enjoy even lower prices. This is a way to convert your referral earnings into actual shopping value, benefiting both you and your friends with our premium services and low-priced products.


Recharge Your Wallet

Recharge your wallet by adding funds through the chosen method and use it for convenient future transactions.

Make Direct Payments with Your Wallet

Recharge your wallet and enjoy quick payments at checkout with the deducted amount.

View Payment Records

Effortlessly track, manage, and gain insights into your payment activities with our wallet’s comprehensive payment history.