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How to check logistics information?

You can check the full tracking information on this website (https://www.17track.net/zh-cn, and after the product arrives in Brazil, the Brazil Post will also update the logistics track.

How to shorten the shipping time?

You can reduce shipping time by stocking inventory. Purchase a specific quantity of products and store them in our warehouse, which can decrease the time needed for stock replenishment and

What is the delivery time?

If using PRC, the delivery time will be relatively fast, about 17 days. Approximately 25 days without using PRC.

Does the platform charge any fees?

Our platform is completely free and provides one-stop service. When you have an order, just tell me, and I will map it for you. After payment, we will process the

How to pay?

When your store receives orders, they are automatically mapped and displayed in the pending orders. You have the option to select all orders at once for a bulk payment process.

How to list products?

You can select the products you want from our FForder client’s product library and list them in your store. You can also list products found on Amazon and AliExpress. After

Can I customize the product packaging?

Yes, you need to send me the packaging files, order quantity, and dimensions. I will send them to the factory and get back to you with their response. Custom packaging

How does FForder operate?

We utilize the FForder platform for our shipping operations. Typically, customers forward us details of their best-selling products from AliExpress, and we offer competitive pricing. Once you find the price